Applications for trading in the terminal Metatrader 4 and 5

Trade Panel

Trade panel interface

Trade Panel is a multifunctional trader's assistant designed for maximum automation of manual trading.

Key features of the utility:

  • Works with any trading instrument (Forex, CFD, Futures and others).
  • Allows you to switch symbols on all terminal windows with one click.
  • Works with all symbol from one terminal window.
  • Has several methods for calculating the lot. Automatic calculation of the risk per trade. Calculation of risk depending on the size of the stop loss.
  • Before opening an order, it allows you to specify entry, stop loss and take profit levels on the chart.
  • Works with virtual stop loss and take profit.
  • Automatically sets the ratio of stop loss to take profit.
  • Allows you to set stop loss or take profit of all positions to a common level.
  • Allows you to place OCO orders (one cancels the other).
  • Allows you to close orders and positions by type.
  • Allows you to close positions when their total profit or loss reaches a specified value.
  • Allows you to set lines with tasks on the chart (opening or closing orders when a specified price or time is reached).
  • Allows you to flip or lock positions.
  • Has a trailing stop function.
  • Has the function of setting a stop loss to the breakeven level.
  • Has the function of partial closing of positions (part of profit or loss).
  • It can notify when a preset level is reached.
  • Allows you to apply automatic and manual screenshot.

The utility consists of the following panels



Designed to switch panels.

Panel for Trade


Designed to perform basic trading operations such as opening and closing orders.

Panel Trade report

Trade report

Designed to analyze the result of trading.

Panel for OCO orders


Designed to create OCO orders (one cancels the other).

Panel for General close

General close

Designed for closing positions when a specified profit or loss is reached, as well as for setting stop loss and take profit of all orders to a common level.

Panel for Setting tasks

Setting tasks

Designed for creating lines with tasks on the chart.

Panel for Trailing stop

Trailing stop

Designed to set the trailing stop function.

Panel for Breakeven


Designed to set the function of repositioning the stop loss to the breakeven level.

Panel for Partial Close

Partial close

Designed to set the function of partial closing of profit or loss.

Panel for Alert


Designed to set an alert when the price touches the line or the specified time is reached.

Panel for Chart Control

Chart control

Designed for switching a symbol on the terminal windows and displaying the current information on symbols.

Info Panel

Info panel

Designed to display various information.

Panel for Order Management

Order management

Designed to change order parameters and set various support functions.